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Justin M. Haller, MD

  • How to Treat a Broken Bone that Didn't Heal Correctly

    Broken bones can occasionally heal in the wrong position, forming a “malunion” or “malalignment” after treatment. These misaligned bones can cause further problems and pain in the body.

  • Listener Question: What Should I Do About Bone Fractures?

    A common question people may ask is whether a bone fracture will heal itself or if it needs to be treated by a doctor. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Justin Haller says it depends on the severity.

  • Trauma Center or ER for Broken Bone?

    When injuries occur, patients may have choices for different trauma centers to visit. Dr. Tom Miller speaks with orthopedic surgeon Dr.

  • Physician Profile: Justin Haller

    Dr. Justin Haller talks about his medical philosophy and what makes his practice unique.

Thomas F. Higgins, MD

  • The Risks of Opioid Treatment and Modern Alternatives

    Trauma is not something anyone chooses to go through. Fortunately, doctors can provide pain relief to help you on the road to recovery. However,

  • Modern Treatments for Complex Joint Fractures

    Injuries from skiing, automobile wrecks and industrial accidents can result in complex joint fractures. This is when the joint cartilage is torn or damaged.

  • Health Headlines and the Physician Perspective: Opioid Pain Medications

    Opioid-based prescription pain medications are the third leading cause of death for Utah adults under 65 years of age. Given their dangers, should

  • Physician Profile: Thomas Higgens

    Dr. Thomas Higgens talks about his medical philosophy and what makes his practice unique.

David Rothberg, MD

  • Level 1 Trauma Experts: Your Life-saving Team

    Level 1 trauma centers treat the most critical injuries that can happen: severe car accidents, falls from high places and other accidents with extreme injuries.

  • Ignoring this Small Skiing Injury Could Lead to Lifelong Problems

    There's a common skiing injury that can quickly develop into a chronic and painful condition if ignored. The problem is many times it’s shrugged off as a

  • How Your New Skis Could Really Hurt You

    New parabolic skis allow skiers to have more control on the slope, but the new shape may lead to injuries, even for experienced skiers. Orthopedic

  • Physician Profile: David Rothberg

    Dr. David Rothberg talks about his medical philosophy and what makes his practice unique.