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Justin M. Haller, MD

  • He was phenomenal with my mother
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  • Dr. Haller is a great physician. He is very kind, caring, and compassionate. He never seems to be in a rush and he answers all questions thoroughly. I would not hesitate to recommend him to friends and family members.
  • Dr Haller is an excellent surgeon and an awesome human being
  • I went to the U after an accident where I broke my arm and did not get to pick who my doctor was or who did my surgery, but I am so happy it was Dr. Haller. Having an emergency surgery is one of the scariest things that has happened to me, but I couldn't be more happy with how my injury has healed a...
  • He did a good job of explaining the options and what could happen and what he expected to happen. I got a very good feeling about his knowledge and confidence.
  • Dr. Haller has always provided the best care and attention I could ask for. I owe my ability to walk again to Dr. Haller. He did an amazing job

Thomas F. Higgins, MD

  • Dr Higgins was the University of Utah Hospital’s surgeon for my wife’s ‘hip fracture’ that occurred while skiing. In a time of shock and distress for my wife and me as we dealt with her injury, Dr Higgins’ professionalism and bedside manner were exceptional. His clear explanations and calm...
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  • Excellent physician. I could not recommend him higher.
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  • Dr Higgins has been treating my husband's leg fracture for 8 months now and he has always made us feel confident in his work and the progress of the injury. He's been direct and informative and never made us feel like he doesn't care. We would both highly recommend him and are very grateful that he ...
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  • Great explanation and then options to choose from on the course of treatment.
  • Thomas Higgins was superb. You couldn't ask for a better attending physician. He listened, taught, included me in the development of a treatment plan, and was empathetic.
  • Dr. Higgins was superbly thoughtful in working through the next steps with me
  • Dr. Higgins is an awesome physician. I would highly recommend his care to anyone!
  • Dr Higgins is a fantastic doctor. His skill and knowledge is as comforting as his personality. it can be hard for those traits to be packaged into one person but he does it well!

Lucas S. Marchand, MD

  • The guy is GOOD, and there's no denying it. Technically, he owns his swim lane. In bedside manner, you can't find fault with the guy. He's definitely an up and coming expert in the field--if he doesn't change. Knowledgeable, honest, humble...
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David Rothberg, MD

  • Great experience despite breaking a hip in bike fall. Two months later, biking again.
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  • Dr. Rothberg has always been great to talk to you. He listens and answers my questions and in informs me of my condition and what I need to do. He is very pleasant to talk to and I appreciate that
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  • We started seeing Dr. Rothberg as a result of Dr. Kubiak leaving his practice here in Utah. We were a bit concerned to be leaving Dr. Kubiak as he was excellent however on our first experience with Dr. Rothberg the immediately knew that he was going to be great and that opinion has not changed . He ...
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  • He was fabulous. I was terrified about my broken arm. He wS calm, professional, inspirational and competent
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  • David L Rothberg does a fantastic job. he cares, listens and informs. I appreciate him.
  • Dr Rothberg took time to include my partner in a brief call about my condition and possible treatment
  • Dr. Rothberg was extremely kind and patient and took time to explain x ray and things that needed to be done His bedside manner is just phenomenal
  • Dr. Rothberg is just an amazing doctor. He has such a great bed side manner and treats our son [NAME REMOVED] like he is the only patient he has. He is always great at explaining things, he has the nicest manner to be kind and makes going to see the doctor a great experience! I cannot say enough kin...
  • Dr. Rothberg is always attentive, concerned and specific about treatment options.

Sandy K. Johnson, PA-C

  • Sandy is great to work with. She listened and answered all my questions. It was a very pleasant visit.
  • I am a Medicare A and B only patient. I kind of expected just a little less attention and more difficulty getting high quality care. Not so with the UUOC. Nothing but good to say.
  • She was a great listener! She respected that I brought my knowledge about human anatomy and rehabilitation methods to the discussion. We established a sense of mutual trust quickly. Her concerns about my injury, my pain and fears were genuine. She was also able to be light humored while maintaining ...
  • my team of care givers were so awesome. they truly cared and it showed
  • She gave me choices, listened to my answers, and helped me obtain the help I need.